I have been painting Le Tour De France stages since 2011 but watching for much longer. First it was the highlights and then the entire race thanks to live coverage from SBS Television.

I am not a rider, just an avid fan! I watch from start to finish and follow all the spins, falls and triumphs as if they were mine.

This race is the BEST sporting event. It is exhaustingly long, very colourful, a team event as well as an individual competition.

Being a Francophile helps. I am fortunate that some of my overseas trips have included a week in France. The countryside is beautiful, it's warm (when we're watching from the southern winter!) and of course, the chateaus are second to none.

I paint a scene from the race that excites me and reminds me of the stage. 


It might be when a breakaway is caught, struggling riders on a climb, or a sprint finish. It is the emotion of the race that appeals and what I like to portray.

Enjoy the race and thank you for viewing my art.


I am a professional artist, and have been painting and illustrating since the early seventies.

I started at the National Art School with the Diploma in Art (Education). Midway through this four year course I switched to Graphic Design, and freelanced in the advertising industry, developing logos, packaging, and general marketing.  I also worked in children's books as production manager, then illustrator and book designer.  


By the mid 90's the internet, web design and digital art was my passion. And in 2000 it was photography, with my husband, Bob Peters.

I had a successful and award winning career in the visual imaging world before choosing fine art painting in 2008.

My oil paintings and biography can be seen on www.shirleypeters.com.au


In my studio, preparing for my next show:

"Abundant Waters".

July 1 - 12th 2021

GalleryOne88 188 Katoomba Street

Katoomba NSW Australia

SBS TV Appearance

I have appeared on Australian TV: A special  "Le Tour de France" preview, when the presenter Michael Tomalaris came to my studio to see where I paint.